Networking on CARBON, CAPTURE and STORAGE in the Baltic Sea Region

CCS is very much about large scale infrastructure development and so the Baltic Sea region forms a natural geographic area for collaboration. Issues such as environmental care and safe transport and storage solutions are key areas of common, regional interest. There will be a clear need for the use of joint and transboundary solutions for transportation and storage of CO₂ between BASREC nations.


The BASRECCS network of CCS expertise in the Baltic Sea Region was formed and established to support the exploration and gradual implementation of CCS in the Baltic Sea Countries. Under the network umbrella a pre-study about geological conditions for storage was published 2017. New projects are underway with serious applications for funding. Industry and government take important steps for national plans. BASRECCS is primarily there to facilitate regional collaboration and joint projects, research, pilots and demonstration. Welcome to join the network and invite colleagues, peers and friends:!

Per Arne Nilsson, network coordinator

Ingvild Ombudstvedt,
Per Arne Nilsson,
Peter Molander,

Task Force on Storage.


The TF on Storage will mainly work with a follow up on the findings in the Bastor 2 report, present project proposals and a work plan and a vision for 2016-2020. Chair of the Task Force is Nicklas Nordbäck.

Task Force on Transportation.


Transportation is a complex issue in CCS. To form a work plan and vision a task force has been established. Chair is Nils Rydberg.

Task Force on Communication and Engagement.


Communication and engagement are essential issues in the regional CCS environment. The Task Force is working on a plan and vision to be presented on this work now and up to 2020. Chair is Kirsty Anderson.

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The project and conference has been supported by BASREC and the Nordic Council of Ministers

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