Baltic Carbon Forum - BCF


The BALTIC CARBON FORUM 2021 will be arranged in the autumn.

The annual Baltic Carbon Forum (BCF) is part of BASRECCS’ long-term strategy to foster full-scale development of the climate change mitigation technologies carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) in the Baltic Sea Region. The BCF is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Energy Research:

This year’s BCF conference will bring together experts and stakeholders from the entire region and from the whole value chain of CC(U)S technology together to exchange information and experiences on the ongoing projects and activities in the Nordic-Baltic region and to create possibilities for future operations and projects.

The conference will be held partly remotely and partly onsite. The full program and registration information will be published in June on the BASRECCS’s website:


The BALTIC CARBON FORUM 2020 was arranged on October 14. The presentations are available below and recording of the webinar at

The program with the final report can be downloaded HERE.

BCF 2020 Scheme

The BCF2020 programme:

Session 1: Keynote Speeches

01:01   Welcome Speech: Farid Karimi, Chairperson, BASRECCS
01:02   Opening Speech: Johan Vetlesen, Deputy Director General from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway
01:03   Jonas Helseth, Director, Bellona Europe: “Decarbonisation Infrastructure – Europe’s Great 21st Century Challenge”
01:04   Audun Røsjorde, Senior Adviser Technology, Gassnova: “Developing Longship – Key Lessons Learned”
01:05   Monika Ivandic, Researcher, Uppsala University: “RouteCCS: An Overview of CCUS Development in the BSR”

Session 2: CCUS, State of the Art in the BSR

02:01   Alla Shogenova, Tallinn University of Technology: “Carbon Neutral Baltic States: Do We Have CCUS Among Accepted Options?”
02:02   Fabian Levihn, Stockholm Exergi: “BECCS in a Context of the Paris Agreement”
02:03   Kjetil Wilhelmsen, Northern Lights: “Update on Northern Lights CCS”

Session 3: Future of CCS/CCUS

03:01   Kristin Onarheim, Aker Carbon Capture: “CCUS Toward 2030 and Beyond – Addressing Industry Emissions with Carbon Capture”
03:02   Philip Ringrose, Equinor & NTNU: “Ensuring Safe Storage Operations: Learning from Sleipner and Snøhvit”
03:03   Roman Berenblyum, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre / CO2GeoNet Association: “CO2GeoNet: Status and Future”

Session 4: Politics of CCUS

04:01   Morten Skovgaard Olsen, Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities, Denmark: “The Ugly Duckling – CCS and CCU in Denmark”
04:02   Maria Velkova, European Commission: “EU Policy and Support for Developing CCUS”
04:03   Juho Lipponen, Clean Energy Ministerial CCUS Initiative: “CCUS Developments Globally – Collaborating to Accelerate Deployment”
04:04   Rebekka Marie Hushovd & Nicholas Boyd, Recycle CO2: “Communicating for Public Acceptance”

Session 5: Closure

05:01   Emil Yde Aasen, Vice-chairperson, BASRECCS


The Baltic Carbon Forum (BCF) on October 22nd to 23rd at the Nordic Hotel Forum in Tallinn: The BCF is part of BASRECCS’ long-term strategy to foster full-scale development of the climate change mitigation technologies carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) in the Baltic Sea Region. The aim was to enable interested and engaged stakeholders to meet, discuss, share knowledge and experiences, and develop projects: the BCF 2019 programme and conclusions.

Please address any questions to

BCF 2019 programme structure


68 participants including 30 speakers with discussions, exchange of information and these presentations:

Day 1: Tuesday October 22

01:01   Ingvild Ombudstvedt, Owner/lawyer, IOM Law
01:02   Johan Vetlesen, Deputy Director General from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway
01:03   Meelis Münt, Ministry of the Environment, Estonia
01:04   Valdur Lahtvee, Council of the Baltic Sea States CBSS: HA Climate Policy Officer
01:05   Elena Sapp, Deputy Head of the Environment Department of Tallinn

02:01   Auli Niemi, Professor, Program for Air, Water and Landscape, Uppsala University
02:02   Tomi J. Lindroos, Research Team Leader, VTT
02:03   Dr. Alla Shogenova, Senior Researcher, Institute of Geology/Department of Geology, TTU
02:04   Thomas M. Haselton, Director, Minjos Nafta Company, Minjos Nafta CCS/EOR Project
02:05   Jørgen Thomassen, CCS Process Engineer, Fortum Oslo Varme

03:01   Per Arne Nilsson, Owner, Panaware

Day 2: Wednesday October 23

04:01   Dr. Farid Karimi, Researcher, IFZO, University of Greifswald
04:02   Todd Flach, Senior Advisor CO2 capture and Storage, Bellona
04:03   John Scowcroft, Executive Advisor, Global CCS Institute
04:04   Sofie Fogstad Vold, Advisor for the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

05:01   Dr. Gabriela von Goerne, BGR, Germany
05:02   Kirsty Lynch, Outreach Orator, Pale Blue Dot
05:03   Steve Murphy, Finance Director, Pale Blue Dot
05:04   Per Brevik, Director Alternative Fuels, HeidelbergCement
05:05   Vello A. Kuuskraa, President, Advanced Resources International
05:06   Dr. Jaap Vente, Roadmap Manager Towards a CO 2 -neutral industry, TNO

06:01   Dr. Adam Wójcicki, Senior Lecturer, Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute.
06:02   Dr. Ragnhild Rønneberg, ACT Coordinator, Norwegian Research Council
06:03   Kersti Talving, Senior Manager, Nordic Investment Bank
06:04   Juho Lipponen, Coordinator, Clean Energy Ministerial CCUS Initiative
06:05   Dennis Hamro-Drotz, Investment Manager, Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO)

07:01   Emil Yde Aasen, Mechanical engineer/Business developer, Shell
07:02   Hans Aksel Haugen, Chief Scientist, Sintef
07:03   Per Bergmo, Research Scientist, Sintef

08:01   Trude Sundset, CEO, Gassnova, Role of CCS seen from Norway
08:02   Per Arne Nilsson, Owner, Panaware
08:03   Ingvild Ombudstvedt, Owner/lawyer, IOM Law