Task Force on Communication and Engagement

Task Force on Communication and Engagement

This Taskforce has been established to bring together Communication and Engagement experts from across the Baltic Sea region with a special interest in low-carbon energy technologies. Experts are expected to support the work of the Baltic Carbon Forum looking at geological CO2 storage potential in the Baltic Sea and surrounding regions, and to identify opportunities for stakeholder engagement and communication initiatives that could be supported or created by the Taskforce.

Kirsty Anderson

CCS Stakeholder Dialogue Initiative

The objective of the proposed CCS Stakeholder Dialogue Initiative is to enhance the knowledge and awareness of CCS in Baltic Sea countries, and of its implementation with safe and permanent storage under the Baltic Sea. The stakeholder dialogues will address the role of CCS for reduction of CO2 releases, impacts of implementation in the Baltic Sea region, technologies for capture, transport and storage, possibilities, risks and limitations and opportunities with CCS. Knowledge and awareness should be increased for policy makers, relevant stakeholders and the public at large. The process sets a framework for how unawareness, narrow framing and fragmented information can be replaced with increased awareness for the benefit of robust decision making processes resulting in high quality decisions.

Kjell Andersson, Karita Research AB