A network and association for CCUS experts and stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region


The Baltic Carbon Forum BCF is an annual conference. BCF is hosted by BASRECCS, a network of experts and stakeholders operated as an association. You can join the association by mail to . You may also join only the network on

The objective of BASRECCS is to foster at least one full-scale CC(U)S project to run by 2030 followed by a network of CC(U)S projects by 2040 in the Baltic Sea Region through close collaboration with industry, research institutes and other stakeholders.

  • Promotes CCS and CCUS;
  • Builds tools for and facilitates networking, communication and collaboration;
  • Contributes to and facilitates capacity building through education and dissemination;
  • Initiates and facilitates projects and activities.

BASRECCS rf contacts:
Farid Karimi, chair, Germany
Ingvild Ombudstvedt, vice chair, Norway
Alla Shogenova, Estonia
Anders Ingves, Åland Islands
Emil Yde Aasen, Norway
Todd Flach, Norway
Raimonds Vite, Latvia
Virgilijus Petuska, Lithuania
Peter Molander, Finland
Bruno Gerrits, operations inspector, Belgium
Christian Lundström, operations inspector, Finland


Registration number in Finland 221.883 with ID 3082434-2