A network and association for CCUS experts and stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region


The Baltic Carbon Forum BCF is an annual conference. BCF is hosted by BASRECCS, a network of experts and stakeholders operated as an association. You can join the association by mail to . You may also join only the network on

BASRECCS rf contacts:
Alla Shogenova, Estonia
Sveinung Hagen, Norway
Todd Flach, Norway
Peter Molander, Finland
Bruno Gerrits, Belgium
Mayur Pal, Lithuania, chair
Monika Konieczyńska, Poland
Sarah Eileen Gasda, Norway
Auli Niemi, Sweden
Christian Lundström, operations inspector, Finland
Viltė Karaliūtė, secretary, Lithuania


Registration number in Finland 221.883 with ID 3082434-2

Strategy paper: BASRECCS Association

Despite two decades of prominent discourse on mitigation of climate change and radical CO2 abatement, much remains to be achieved concerning the Paris Agreement and the EU climate goals.

BASRECCS believes one of the most significant obstacles hampering the timely mitigation of climate change is the communication gap that lies between various actors: the public, industry, policymakers and scientists. We believe that there is a lack of a common language and a shared vision and interest between these key actors. What is required, therefore, is a bridge-builder who connect these actors to work on a common goal. BASRECSS aims to fulfil this gap on the regional level.

BASRECSS vision is to drive the deployment of CC(U)S as an effective tool for decarbonisation of the industry and energy sector in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) resulting in the deployment of at least one full-scale CCS project in the BSR by 2030. This is in alignment with the objectives of the European Green Deal. Thus, we strive to:

  1. Support development of industrial CO2 capture projects which could connect transport and storage infrastructure to emerging storage infrastructure
  2. Support advancement of local storage options for CO2 in the BSR that can eventually qualify for commercial storage projects
  3. Communicate and share knowledge between key stakeholders
To pursue (a), (b) and (c) we:
  • Facilitate workshops to update large emitters in the region about the opportunities related to CC(U)S
  • Organise seminars with information on upcoming EU calls and connecting potential partners that enable for further advancement of subsurface CO2 storage in the region
  • Contribute to feasibility studies mapping the potential capture and storage projects in the region
  • Facilitate bi- and multilateral meetings between policymakers to tackle regulatory bottlenecks and enable the further acceleration of CC(U)S in the relevant countries
  • Matching various stakeholders and facilitate meetings between them to synergy their activities
  • Developing science-policy-society interface to address social and political concerns
  • Outreach activities such as publishing compact synthesis documents that support the activities above (e.g. policy briefs and technology summaries)
BASRECCS association is a platform for all stakeholders to tackle climate change via strengthening regional cooperation for CO2 mitigation technologies such as CCS or CCUS.

Download the strategy here.